Need Help

Life at times can be difficult.  Some of us will face illness, loss of a loved one, job loss, and many other crisis producing events.  When life's crisis comes your way, Trinity Lutheran Church perhaps can help.  We are always here to help you through your rough times.  

The ministries listed below are some of the groups that can help at Trinity Lutheran Church.


  • Grief Support Group - We meet on a weekly basis to understand  the pain of the loss of a loved one.  Contact Connie Strand for more information.  
  • Prayer Request -  Sometimes we wish we knew we are not alone in our thoughts or concerns.  We would like to share our burden with the Lord.  Perhaps you would like others to join in with your petitions.  You can make your prayer request private.  In this case your prayer request will be directed to the Prayer Chain. The Chain consists of several spiritually gifted church members who take prayer requests in a private manner and collectively pray for you.  Your are not alone with your troubles.

    You can also request a public prayer request by so indicating with the request.  Here your request will placed in the weekly church bulletin and possibly prayed for in the church service.  

    Your prayer request can be made here on this web site by clicking on the link above.   You may also fill out a card and place it in the prayer request box mounted to the wall outside the sanctuary. 

    Barb Luebcke is the chairperson for this ministry. 

  • Contact a Pastor - this can be done via email, call the church office, request a call by including your name and phone number on a pew card and placing it in the collection plate at  church service.
  • Handy Bible Verses for many occasions